Our Ingredients

Dog Treats

Scottish Salmon

Scottish Salmon

Rich in DHA & EPA omega-3 fatty acids and high protein, salmon is an incredibly healthy protein base for our dog treats. Our fish is grown without antibiotics and to such high standards that it qualities for human consumption. So feel free to share a bite with your pup – though we doubt you'll love it as much as they do.

Sweet Potato

The sweet potato keeps our treats bound together, helping retain the valuable fish oils from the salmon. It gives just the right amount of sweetness to the treats, while also providing your pup with lots of healthy fiber.

Sweet Potato

Rapeseed & Rosemary

Rapeseed oil contains the lowest saturated fat content of any oil. It is a good source of Omega 3,6,9, Vitamin E (a powerful antioxidant!), monounsaturated fats (the good fats!). It is also safe to cook at high temperatures with a burning point of 230c, much higher than olive oil. Rosemary is a natural anti-oxidant, preservative, and anti-cancer agent.

Cat Treats


Rich in antioxidants, blueberries will help support your cat’s cellular molecules and overall immune system.


High in fiber and low in fat, apples are an ideal snack for overweight or senior pets who may have a lower metabolism. They’re packed with vitamins A and C, which are essential for maintaining healthy bones and tissue.


Seaweed is easy for your cat to digest, helping firm their stool and improve their metabolism. Nutrient and mineral dense, it will supports a thick, shiny coat, as well as provide anticancer and anti-inflammatory benefits. Seaweed is also a very environmentally-sustainable crop to produce.