Global Pet Expo 2019 Press Release

Snif-snax, an innovative leader in the growing ‘human-grade’ pet treat sector, will be exhibiting in this year’s Global Pet Expo in Orlando, FL at Booth 454. The company, which is based in Miami, FL, is turning Scottish Salmon fillet trimmings and skins from its smoked salmon production facilities into high-quality pet treats using limited additional ingredients such as sweet potato. The treats are produced alongside the smoking operations, allowing the facility to process the freshest products possible for consumers and their pets on the same day.

The company has entered 2 products into the New Products Showcase with hopes of debuting the newly perfected Salmon and Sweet Potato Bites recipe, the Salmon Skin Crackling, which is a more delicate version of fish skins for dogs derived from a popular UK snack and their newly finalized, not- yet-released packaging.

Hannah Brown, head of Brand Development, who led the design team, says “the new, more vibrant and color-coded tones reflect our excitement about finally launching the brand nationally, providing consumers an expanding line of Scottish Salmon-based treats which should be easy to remember.”

The brand was developed by Jonathan Brown, the founder of Grants Oak Smoked, Ltd. and the Macknight Food Group, Inc., which specialized in the production of Smoked Salmon for the foodservice and retail private label industries. “Most facilities lack a way to generate revenue from fillet trimmings produced through the production of Smoked Salmon but we saw them as an even more valuable product that could benefit our family’s pet’s as well”, said Brown.

A few years back, Brown set his Food Science team in the UK on the project to develop an edible treat for dogs that was of equal grade to their award-winning Smoked Salmon. The Salmon and Sweet Potato bite was launched and now contains more than 70% Scottish Salmon.

About Us:
Snif-Snax, Ltd. was founded in 2016 to develop salmon-based pet treats from its affiliate salmon smoking facilities in the UK and the US. The company uses the trimmings and skins from those facilities to produce Salmon and Sweet Potato Bites, Salmon Strips and Salmon Skin Cracklings which are all- natural, GMO-free, antibiotic-free and contain no corn, wheat or soy.